Jan 24, 2016

collection of photographs of Mayumi II

写真集出版プロジェクト「CRP(CROSS ROAD PROJECT)」から
I published a collection of photographs of Mayumi II.

You can see it without kindle leader after the purchase at mobile terminals such as PC others iPad or iPhone in kindle store of amazon.

Please search for MayumiII in your national amazon.

It is the photograph which the collection of this photographs is invited to Goto Islands of Nagasaki in 2014 and photographed in an isolated mental condition.

CRP JAPAN NAGASAKI GOTO Island of player [Kindle版]


In 2015, I photographed Taiwan after the large-scale typhoon direct hit.

I photographed a town of Taipei in the viewpoint of the origin of Mayumi II different from the photograph of Goto Islands that I published again yesterday.
I am glad when you can purchase it with two sets.

CRP TAIWAN TAIPEI 2015 nostalgia「Kindle版]